Defocus is a Seven Day Roguelike written by Jeff Lait.

You can get the most recent version here.

This provides a Windows version and a 64bit Linux executable version along with the source for those brave enough to try and build it from scratch.


A path split in the forest. I took both paths. That made all the difference.

Defocus adds a bit of quantum to traditional roguelikes. With Shift-[S] you can smear out into a wave function, where you'll perform many possible paths. Decoherence can be controlled by picking your final location, if not the exact path that got you there.


Rather than a soft food clock, there is a Larn-like hard timer marking how long you have to complete your quest. So be wary of bottom feeding and keep advancing!

Of course, one might waste a lot of time navigating mazes, so just solve them by going down all of the paths and then picking the world you like best at the exit. Apologies if running so many simultaneous universes heats up your PC. Watch your memory use too, this is a roguelike that can make use of 64-bit addressing!

Defocus is at its core a very traditional roguelike. Players of Nethack will find themselves at home.

Version History

A 7DRL is supposed to be completely done at the end of the seven days. However, this should not mean one does not make small fixes.

March 9th, 2024

The original 7DRL version can be found here.