Rogue Impact


Rogue Impact is a Seven Day Roguelike written by Jeff Lait.

You can get the most recent version here.

This provides a Windows version and a 64bit Linux executable version along with the source for those brave enough to try and build it from scratch.


You are an interdimensional traveller who have been jumping between worlds with your sibling. Recently, you became separated, so you have more than idle curiosity driving you from world to world.

In this world you've found a great evil: the demon Baezl'bub and only the retrieval of his heart from the depths will restore balance to this realm. While you hate to distract from the search for your sibling, you know they would expect you to help where you can.


The thesis of this game was to try to cross-adapt many of the interesting principles of Genshin Impact (TM) into the roguelike genre.

Version History

A 7DRL is supposed to be completely done at the end of the seven days. However, this should not mean one does not make small fixes.

March 14th, 2021

The original 7DRL version can be found here.