The Doctrine of Lifism

So, you wish to learn the secrets of the Lifist doctrine puny mortal? Be forwarned that not all can face the truth and live...

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Frequently asked questions

What is Lifism?

The philosophy that the past and future are created by the present.

That's silly, the present cannot create the past!

Can it not? For was not what we now call the past once called the present? And was it's course not determined at the same time which we called it the present? Thus, the past is continouly created by the present. Those who fail to see this often fall to the false approach of Historism.

That's ludicrous, the present cannot create the future!

Every choice in your life limits the possible futures, until, at the present where you make the final choice which determines how that interval of time will have occurred.

For example, say you are interviewed for a job. You can choose to direct them to your website where a possibly offensive philosophy is discussed, or not. If you do not, the possible future of your prospective employer seeking out your page is removed, hence the future, which is in this context the set of all possible futures, has been altered by the present.

Another example: Say you have an assignment due the next morning. With each hour you delay, the futures in which you hand in the assignment are pruned off, until at the moment of the due date, where the specific future of not handing in the assignment is choosen. Note all the decisions were made in the present, and molded & created that thing known as the future.

What's with that symbol at the top of this?

Eventually, I will be image mapping that so you can investigate the various parts thereof. For now, be content that it is NOT the hammer and sickle. I have no communication with either Food Services or the Communist party.

What the heck does SOL stand for?

Sage of Lifism. Be aware it has as many expansions as the next TLA, some of which can add an ironic twist to the body of my messages. If such an interpretation makes my message look cool, it was intended.

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