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Weistling thought the greatest challenge facing him was his next grant application. If he had known that his actions could precipitate a galaxy-spanning war that would destroy thousands of worlds, he would no doubt have paid more attention.

He will find one consolation in the ensuing events: he does get the grant.

The Book

Menoetius is a 200 page science fiction story written by Jeff Lait for the 2005 NaNoWriMo. After three years slowly polishing and reworking it, I declared ready for publication. Using the latest in vanity-press technology, it is printed on-demand, on-order, and shipped to your door.

For those hesitant to bear the burdern of printing a book without adequate foreknowledge of the contents, you can download the electronic version. If the book meets your approval you may then make a payment to the author directly via PayPal, thereby completing the artist-audience relationship without resorting to any messy physical transactions.


You can buy a dead-tree edition from either Create Space or Amazon, both priced at $15 USD.

If you are satisfied with the electronic version but wish to pay the author - please do! The donation button is the way to go. People who donate will receive by email the correct penta-code used to access the supplemental materials.

Supplemental Materials

Some bonus material has been put together to reward those who buy the print version or donate after downloading the electronic version. This currently consists of:
  • The front cover of the book in wallpaper resolutions. (4:3 - 1600x1200, 16:10 - 2560x1600)
  • PDF of the print of the book providing the best quality formating for reading.
You can find the .7z files in the left-hand menu. They are compressed with 7-Zip and password protected. The password is the penta-code that Rhyta steals from Jorge in the second chapter of the book. Note that 0 in that code is Zero. Also beware that the free electronic downloads have the wrong penta-code! You need to either buy a print copy or donate.


You can contact the author at the email address: jmlait [snail] zincland [period] com.


Creative Commons License
Menoetius by Jeff Lait is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - No Derivative Works 2.5 Canada License. As per this license, you can make copies of the electronic version of this book freely. Any distribution must be non-commercial. You must also distribute them intact - you cannot cut off the headers that identify the author or license, for example.

One type of change deserves special mention. You are allowed to modify the work to properly format it for your electronic book reader, ie, convert the provided files into whatever type of file best works for your needs.

Please feel free to send me any conversions to new formats! Provided they are DRM free, I can post them here.