Space Odyssey

Tridude Farewell
Video Created By: Jeff Lait
Music Created By: Niko

This piece was inspired by Niko's work which was eloquently self described as:

Through space and time travels a brave creature
by rocket knowing that he can't return home.
Actually he exchanged his life with the opportunity
to explore and experience the space
The three legged space faring aliens will be familiar to players of POWDER as tridudes.

For those who didn't realize they could just click the picture, here's the link to the movie once more:

Space Odyssey (10Mb)

Technical Notes

The video, titled Space Odyssey, authored by Jeff Lait, is Creative Commons License

The video was created in Houdini.

The song, also titled Space Odyssey, authored by Niko, is Creative Commons License

Information on the creation of the song can be found at: