The Voyage of Vagus V
Year 1
How to start? This web page is set up to allow our family and friends to track our progress, or lack of progress, South. Our goals at the present time for this voyage are:
  • to move South as slowly as we can, which on a sailboat that moves at the pace of a brisk walk, is not too difficult;
  • to keep south of the frost line(and hopefully warm); and
  • to spend next winter in a place with palm trees and steel drums.
Our approximate itinerary is to travel Lake Ontario in July (sort of a shakedown cruise and to recover from the long hours getting everything ready to go - there is nothing like a deadline to motivate you), to start heading for the Chesapeake in August, to cruise the Chesapeake in September ending up at the boat show in Annapolis in October, and then to head South to Florida and the Bahamas. Stay tuned as these goals are not cast in stone and are bound to change. The working title for our voyage is 24x7x36 - this relates to the reality that we (Karen and Jim) are together 24hours a day, 7 days a week on a 36 foot sailboat. Boating friends aptly describe the experience as living in a 36 foot hallway - they are correct. This change from a comfortable, 1200sq, ft. condo with hot showers and no holding tank, takes some adjustment. Why are we doing this you might ask? We are travelling in a CS 36 Traditional which has been extensively modified and upgraded over the last 6 years. The boat is a comfortable size for us, allowing sufficient stowage space while still being manageable by two people. The CS 36T is also very sea kindly and makes passages a pleasure. Somewhere on the web page there is a picture. This is probably all the background that you wish to read. If you have any questions drop us an e-mail at kjlait at zincland dot com. We are interested in hearing from you and how things are going (like the temperature) back home. Please send text only e-mails as we have to rely on Internet cafes/libraries to pick up and reply. Also responses will depend on when we can get to a place with e-mail access. Our journal entries will give you a sense of where we are and where we are going - so enjoy.
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