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Some crazy people have wondered why POWDER is free. Surely a game this addictive and this much fun should also require a $30 fee for a copy? Never one to ignore the wishes of my players, this page allows you to correct this problem.

Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, you can now purchase your own copy of POWDER!

Answers to not-yet asked questions:

Is POWDER still free to download? Is the source still available?

Yes and yes.

What do I get if I purchase POWDER?

One would think that with the source code available all of POWDER's secrets are readable to the trained eye. You would think wrong. Two arcane pieces of knowledge have been carefully encrypted so only the most bored hacker would bother to learn them!

I speak of none other than the passwords for Wizard Mode and for Stress Test Mode. Wizard mode allows you to use the Wish command to wish for any object in the game, any monster in the game, and many other powerful abilities. The Stress Test Mode makes for an entertaining background process as you watch POWDER run through its paces in a fully automated fashion.

I will also add your name to the list of POWDER supporters so I can alert you of any more exciting goodies.

Do those passwords work for the iPhone version?

No. It is mandated that all unlocking of iPhone applications be done through the App Store.

How much does it cost?

The payment field, you will note, is blank, reflecting the priceless nature of POWDER. It is left to you to wonder: "If I were to buy this in a store, what would I pay for it?" and come to your own conclusion as to POWDER's value. Note that PayPal charges 2.9% + $0.55 to process the donation.

Does this guarantee future versions of POWDER?

Donations should be made for what already exists, not for what might exist in the future.

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