Screen Shots
The following are some older screen shots I have pulled from the VBA emulator or the SDL version. As I don't play the emulator much, they are not from deep in the dungeons.

Version 100

An interepid adventurer enters the dank dungeons, as realized in the default Akoi Meexx tileset.

A room of filled with monsters!

I wonder what this Jeweled Wand will do if I Zap it?

The Acid Splash spell seems like the right tool for this job! (The empty slots are where you can assign other actions/spells)

Kelly Bailey's ASCII version. Play with stylized ascii characters for the old-school Rogue feel.

Version 048

The Classic Tileset.

Adam Bolt's tileset adapted for POWDER by Zak.

Widar's tileset, a Nethackish version of the Classic set.

Version 018

This was one lucky adventurer who started with plate mail. Sweet!

Cave spiders are not tough opponents. Be careful as the Giant Spider isn't nearly as simple to defeat!

This shows the minimap in action, giving an overview of the current dungeon level - at least, as far as has been explored!

After a bit of adventuring, I had acquired some loot! What does this glass wand do? Let's zap it and find out!

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