Release 117 Friday December 23rd, 2011
21:35:21 EDT
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Sunny Saturnalia to one and all!

Hopefully I have the correct Linux version this time! Some good news, I found a 32-bit linux box so it should be a 32-bit linux build as well.

  • True aim is now in the book of blades, so you can learn it without an extra skill book. (Robert Barber)
  • Forgetting a spell while wielding a staff that imbues it will now properly fail. (Paul Strickland)
  • Failing to forget no longer uses a turn.
  • Unenchanted weapons and armor which you have found the enchantment of now report +0. (Mike Ratzlaff)
  • Objects collapsing into meatballs now properly state if the result is multiple meatballs. (Nathan Bogue)
  • Tutorial for signpost for kiwis now mentions the hostile tag on the look description. (Claudio)
  • Signpost added to surace world. (SilverAnalyst)
  • Someone to greet you on the surface world. (Andrew Walker)
  • Unequippable item slots say No Item slot rather than Empty slot. Empty body slots report the appendage name (left hand, radula, etc)
  • + and * by the god reports when praying lets you know how much they like your fashion sense. (hotpoo)
  • Frogs have a bonus to attack vs insects. (Robert Barber)
  • Silver and gold weapons will occasionally dull if used against non-vulnerable targets.
  • Finally added the cute and cuddly triceratops!
  • If you id the enchantment of an item by throwing it, now the stack you threw it from wil also be ided. (Mike Ratzlaff)
  • Sleeping creatures have a visual indication. (Mike Ratzlaff)
  • Swapping worn armour with wielded sword no longer causes you to wear the sword. (Mike Ratzlaff)
  • Rolling boulder works on some monsters.
  • Fix minor spelling errors (Gurkan Sengun)
  • Full AI state was being cleared when nothing was edible rather than just the single edible bit. (Don Collins)
  • Dipping nothing into a potion no longer crashes, provided you figured a way to do that in the first place. (Richard Quirk)
  • Two or more equipped items with extra attacks now properly stack the chance of invoking the attacks, rather than jumping straight to a 99% chance. (Richard Quirk)
  • One new room type.
  • Mountain and Hills in Ibson The Grey's tileset are now in their correct positions.

The artpack for this version can be grabbed here.

The Windows and Mac versions are shipped with the SDL, the PSP version compiled with the SDL. You may replace this version with the latest version. POWDER conforms to section 3 of the LGPL: you can download a tarball of the SDL code here or directly from The WinCE and GP2X versions both use SDL but are hosted by parties other than myself.

Note: While the highscore is kept, save games are never preserved between versions. Please wait until your current character dies before upgrading.

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