Wizards jealously guard their secrets, so any attempt to assemble all magic in one location is doomed to be incomplete. Consider this a mere primer for the wide range of spells that you may encounter on your journey.

Sticky Flames
The secret alchemy of Greek Fire is scoffed at by advanced wizards. They instead point to the ease with which they achieve the same effect through sorcery.

Magic Missile
The first attempt to project one's will at a distance is always the hardest. The Magic Missile spell is most novices first experience with summoning kinetic energy, so is often scoffed at by higher level mages as a cantrip for newbies. Wise wizards learn well the lessons that it teaches, and are always watching for a chance to use it.

Chilling Touch
The cold of the abyss is channeled into the wizards hands. On touching a foe, this fearsome chill is transferred to it, freezing flesh and draining vitality.

The wild, uncontrolled, nature of galvanic-magic is best shown with this spell. No target is required, just cast-and-watch as your opponents are jolted. Not recommended for those who have many friends.

Fire Ball
The mainstay of any mage worth his salt. What would a mage be if he cannot fling balls of fire? One is forewarned not to get too carried away, or the person crisped might be oneself.

Lightning Bolt
The actinic glare of a lightning bolt searing through a darkened corridor would be enough to strike terror in the most stout of warrior. One can only imagine their fear when the bolt, which seemed to just miss them, bounces off a wall to strike them straight on!

Acid Splash
A thick spray of highly corrosive acid is shot forth. The massive damage inflicted by this spell attracts many mages. They soon learn that the risk of backsplash hitting them tempers the usefulness of this otherwise potent spell.

Mind Acid
A powerful psychoactive acid is synthesized from the outer layers of the skin of your hands. By touching a foe with this acid, you can disrupt their mental processes with confusing effects. Be careful you apply the acid quickly, because in time it will be absorbed into your own skin, making you the victim!

Some warriors scoff at this spell. They claim it is better to have the instant-gratification of a heal spell. Wise fighters, however, know that it is often easier to cast a spell before a battle than during it! Further, this spell has been specially formulated to require minimal magic to cast. It instead draws power from magic the mage *would* have regenerated. Being able to borrow magic points from the future can make the difference of life or death.

Slow Poison
Vile serpents and bloated spiders lurk under every rock. It is only a matter of time before one receives a sting which poisons one's flesh. While no substitute for a cure, this spell can provide temporary immunity for the ongoing damage to tissue and organ. Some warriors swear by casting this spell prior to becoming poisoned - they then need not worry about curing during combat.

The mainstay of any would-be cleric. This simple spell closes wounds and restores vitality.

Summon Familiar
More than just a faithful companion, a familiar can be thought of as an extension of oneself. Much like one's own heart, if well tended the familiar will grow and be a valuable ally. Neglected, more than just the familiar will suffer.

Transfer Knowledge
It is often said that there are no shortcuts to the hard-won lessons of real world experience. This sort of thing is said by those who lack access to this powerful spell.

Converting the mage's raw experience into a form of intermediary magical particles, this spell then applies those particles to the designated target. As the particles decay they release the experience in the recipient.

The track spell builds up a standing magic field around the target. This standing wave is attached and powered by the life-essence of the target, so moves with the target wherever they go. Creatures so marked can be sensed by anyone, not just the original caster.

Treska of the Seven Alphabets is said to have demanded that her students submit to a Track spell. Only then could she be satisfied that her students were not going to less reputable parts of town. Fortunately for Treska's students, the standing field does dissipate over time if not renewed.

Detect Curse
It is a foolish and short lived adventurer that tries on whatever is found in the dungeon. While this can serve to identify items, some items are cursed so will not be so easy to take off. In the case of certain amulets that may spell certain doom.

For those not willing to go to the effort or expense to fully identify every item, it is often sufficient to just separate the cursed from the blessed. This simple spell attunes the caster to their possessions; allowing them to detect the status of each of their items.

A quick get away is 9/10ths of the law. Blink lets you do a controlled teleport anywhere in sight for a small cost. A few quick Blinks can confuse the chasers and get one to safety.

Direct Wind
The power of the air is yours! You can command a stiff breeze to blow in the direction of your choosing!

Most mages discount this spell as entirely useless. They only learn it when it is forced upon them to achieve more powerful effects. Wise mages, however, treasure this innocuous seeming spell.

Force Bolt
A bolt of pure force is created and slammed forward with devastating effect. While the range is very short, it is more than made up for with the power. Many objects are instantly shattered by the strength of this spell.

The spell of Dig carefully controls its energies in the Plane of Earth. It focuses on the removal of dirt and stone from ones path, allowing one to fashion dungeon complexes of one's own design.

Rolling Boulder
Rather than disintegrate all of the rock in a section of wall, one may instead crudely shape it into a large spherical boulder. Add to this a large jolt of pure force, and you can have the boulder rolling towards your enemies.

Unfortunately, this spell was designed by none other than Prakal the Earth mage, who is at least as renowned for his short-sightedness as his skill at deriving new earth-related spells. Do not be too surprised when the resulting boulders all start rolling in your direction.

It is said that Prakal, the Earth Mage, perfected a version of this spell which does not require Dig as a prerequisite. We can only guess what it was. Prakal's mummified remains, found buried in solid rock, have told us nothing.

Raise Undead
If bringing the dead to life is the ultimate goal of the cleric, the ultimate goal of a necromancer is to bring the dead to undeath. Raise Undead allows a necromancer to infuse the fallen bodies of foes with a sick parody of life. Fresh corpses yield shambling zombies, whilst a necromancer willing to wait for bones will gain fleeter moving skeletons.

Reclaim Soul
While Tlosh disapproves of all forms of healing, necromancers have found in practice it is important that they keep their still-mortal frame intact. The soul reclamation spell fulfills this in a Tlosh friendly way by using the life energy of another to power the recuperation, thereby avoiding any contact with the positive energies that traditional healing spells tap into. This spell, when targeted at an undead under one's control, recovers the negative energy used to power the undead and repurposes it to close one's own wounds.

Dark Ritual
One's minions can be consumed for more than just a quick heal. The negative energy of undead under your control can be transformed into a powerful attack to destroy your foes. On the completion of this dark ritual any adjacent undead will be so converted.

It is rumoured that this spell is the first step in transforming into a lich.

Summon Imp
Why anyone would want more of these troublemakers is a question often asked when this spell is taught. However, one advantage of this spell is that the imp is only summoned temporarily. This means the necromancer need not worry about conserving the imps life. Many necromancers thus swear by this spell as their replacement for Fireball.

Cloud Kill
A truly ferocious spell. You begin by spitting at a chosen foe. As the spittle flies from your mouth, it transforms into a venomous ball of green poison. If it successfully strikes your foe, it will explode into a cloud of choking poisonous fumes. These will linger long after your foe has succumbed, killing mercilessly any who stray within.

Finger of Death
When one considers the years of study required to learn this most potent spell, one would think the users would be wise. Nonetheless, careless Finger of Death accidents claim dozens of necromancers every year! Do not become another statistic!

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